Monday, March 10, 2008

4/14 vol. 3
rrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggg...... rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggg.... katch(that was the sound of picking up the phone) hello? ButterBoy says into the phone. excuse me, but is this ButterBoy? yes, says ButterBoy, this is ButterBoy speaking. thank goodness, this is president bush, i have called you because i seem to have found myself in a real quagmire. it seems as though Margarin Man has taken me prisoner, and is torturing me on a daily basis, with things like water skiing. please help i don't know how much longer i can hold out.
with that ButterBoy hung up and went to go save our commander in chief. it took him about an hour to fly to Margarin Man's secret lair, in the mountains of the himmilayas. when ButterBoy finally snuck into the lair he saw that the whole place was empty, and that the president was gone. B.B. went and looked around and saw some plans and some blueprints for some very elaborit plans of Margarin Man. he looked around some more and found that they were heading to the U.K. to attack all the butter factories. he quickly threw down the plans and headed for England..........
tune in next time to see what happens

4/2 VOL.2

last week we saw ButterBoy as he heroicly takes on Margarin Man's two droogs, Wonder Boy, and Young Nasty man. we pick up where we left off..... as soon as Margarin Man comes he leaves, to leave ButterBoy to fight his way out of Margarin Man's minions. all of a sudden the minions all attacked ButterBoy, he fought with great valience and effort, but was soon overwhelmed with the 88 tubs of margarin. he then went to his last resort, his special move, the Butter Drop, it showers everyone within a half mile radius with hot steaming butter. he finally defeats his enemies and heads back to the Butter Cave to tend to his wounds. after that he takes a break on his couch to recouperate from saving the world again from the evils of Margarin Man and his evil henchmen.

3/31 VOL. 1

it was around 12 o'clock noon when ButterBoy got the call. it seems as though his arch nemis, Margarin Man, sent two of his best droogs, Wonder Boy and Young Nasty Man, to destroy the butter factory in Curding County. Margarin Man thought he could get away with his plan of complete world domination by destroying all the butter factories so people would have to eat margarin, but he wouldn't. ButterBoy quickly flew over to the factory and had himself a battle royal with Margarin Man's two henchmen. after the heroic battle Butter Boy was the victor. but he had not been celebrating long, when, Margaring Man himself, and almost 88 margarin foot soldiers came out to do battle with ButterBoy
. now, ButterBoy found himself in a real fugazi............. to be continued..............

what will he do? how will ButterBoy get himself out of this situation? tune in next time to find out.

3/14 Update

the super-hero that i created is ButterBoy. he is a crime fighting slab of butter. what are his powers you
ask, how about the power of flight, thats levitation homes, or how about the power to shoot something, from two hundred away, with mind bullets. he has two special moves that he uses against while he fights bad guys and his arch nemmisis, Margarin Man. those two moves are the ButterBall, and the Butter Drop.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vinyl Junkie

Me and my friend/business partner panji who run this blog will be creating a website where you can get the inserts/lyric sheets of records of which you have lost or bought without one, we are starting out with mainly hardcore punk record inserts from the early 80's, but will eventually spread to all genres of music, the website should be up in a few months. If you want to hook us up with some copy's of lyric sheets, please leave a message and your email address. thanks, U.S. OUT OF IRAQ, DROP LYRIC SHEETS NOT BOMBS

My first post

this is my first post