Tuesday, February 9, 2010

english story

1955, Los Alamos, New Mexico, 200 miles North West of nuclear drop test sight

The Mainer family had just picked up their first microwave which they ordered from the Sears catalogue. When they brought it home the whole family gathered around the giant package. When they opened it all that could be heard was a mix of “ooohs, and ahhhs”, as they marveled at its gloriousness. They put it in the kitchen, up on the counter above the silverware drawer.

That night the family made their first meal in that microwave, it was a TV dinner that consisted of various meats and vegetables. Since they had first gotten it, the two oldest boys, Jerry and Blue, had become very interested in how this microwave worked. They both read the owners manual two or three times over thoroughly, every time it was read these two bolded sentences that kept catching their eyes, “NO TINFOIL” and “NO STYRAFOAM”.

The next day their parents went to an all day picnic in Albuquerque leaving the boys at home. Almost as soon as they saw the car leave the driveway Blue said, “Hey, you wanna see what happens when we put tinfoil in it?” Jerry responded with a stern “no”. After a while of negotiating Blue finally persuaded Jerry to do it. They put some tinfoil in the microwave, and turned the timer to 30 seconds, and started it up. All of a sudden the tinfoil burst into flames. They opened up the microwave and put the flame out. “Whoa”, Jerry said, “Yeah”, said Blue.

After some contemplating they decided they wanted to try the Styrofoam too. This time they took some precaution getting the hose from the garden. Little did they know that they weren’t just playing with fire, but something much worse. They threw a couple of Styrofoam cups in and turned the time to 1 minute. They started it up. Mean-while a huge gust of wind blew some of the nuclear radiation from the drop sight of the Atom Bomb, only 200 miles away. The radiation slowly leaked into the microwave where the unsuspecting boys were staring. “Why isn’t anything happening?” said Blue, “I don’t know” said Jerry. Then the Styrofoam cups started getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Jerry and Blue could not believe there eyes as these cups grew teeth, eyes, legs and arms. All of a sudden the five cups that were placed in the appliance burst open the microwave and kept on growing until the cups were around 10 feet tall. Then, one of the cups reached down and grabbed Jerry. “Ahhhhh!” Jerry shouted as he fought for his life. “NOOOO!” shouted Blue as Jerry was devoured mercilessly by the Styrofoam cup.

The four other cups then came after Blue, luckily, he was faster than them and got away. As he was escaping he looked back and saw the cups going into his neighbors houses and eating them too! “Oh my god, what have I done”, Blue said to himself, “I brought Styrofoam cups to life who have a bloodthirsty lust for human flesh!” He then noticed that the cups were headed in the direction of Albuquerque, and the picnic his parents were at, he decided that he must stop what he had started.

He ran as fast as he could the two miles up the hilly street to his friends house, Chester Keaten. Also there, was Chester’s older step-brother, Charlie Leavenworth, who was home from college. Blue tried explaining to them what had happened, but was so out of breath that it was a jumble of mumbling and gasping for air. After he got his breath back, he explained to Chester and Charlie what had happened, but was met with perplexed stares. “Blue” said Charlie, “I think you’ve seen one too many of them horror movies.” “No, no, I’m telling you the truth and nothing more”, “I’m not gonna lie to ya’ Blue” said Chester, “but your stories kinda iffy, I mean giant Styrofoam cups eating people, I’m gonna have to go with Charlie on this one. “If you don’t believe me, just go out to the street and look toward my house”. Chester and Charlie went out to the street and peered down the two miles of road to Blue’s house, and saw houses broken into, and five ominous white Styrofoam cups going down the street. “Oh my god!” said Charlie and Chester at the same time, their mouths wide open, eyes bulging out of their sockets.

“I told you, but you didn’t believe me” said Blue, “they’re headed towards Albuquerque, and we need to stop them before they can get to the city”. “How long do we have before they get there?” asked Charlie, “I don’t know, Albuquerque is around 40, maybe 50 miles from here, and with the speed there traveling at, I’d say around…” Blue said as Chester interrupted him, “Wait do we even know how to kill these things?” “Hmmmm, I guess I never really thought about that.” said Blue. “Maybe we should just call the sheriff and have the police take care of it.” said Chester, and Blue agreed. “We can’t do that” said Charlie, “why not?” asked Chester. “Because if we do, then Sheriff Densely is going to call the city police, then the media will get a hold of it, and it would be total chaos with the public trying to get out.” “Ok, that makes sense.” said Blue, “but we need to figure out a way to get rid of these things.” “Well, I know that you kill vampires with a wooden stake”, said Chester. “But were not trying to kill vampires, WERE TRYING TO KILL RAVENOUS BLOOD THIRSY STYROFOAM CUPS!!!” shouted Blue. “Sorry, I’m just trying to help find a solution” said Chester. “I know Chester, I’m sorry for yelling, I’m just kinda stressed by this whole cup situation” said Blue.

“Wait, I got an idea”, said Charlie, “we have some Styrofoam cups in the kitchen, right?” “Yeah, I think so” said Chester. Charlie led them into the house, and took out some Styrofoam cups. “Look”, Charlie said as he broke in the walls of the cup, “they’re real easy to break in, we could just give them a few good punches and they’d be done for”. “No, that wouldn’t work, when I escaped from my house I touched one of them, and were as hard as rock” said Blue. “Well then what are we going to do?” said Chester, “I don’t know” retorted Blue. Meanwhile as they were brainstorming ideas to defeat the cups, Chester accidentally knocked over a bottle that had the words HCI written on it, onto the floor where a couple pieces of Styrofoam were, the bottle shattered, and the cups started to disintegrate. “What is that and what’s happening?” said Blue in a puzzled manner. “I think that’s Dad’s Hydrochloric Acid, and the cups are dissolving” said Charlie. “Does your dad have any more of that stuff?” asked Blue. “Yeah”, said Chester.

Charlie and Chester walked around to the back of the house and opened up a shed. In it was about 50 gallons of Hydrochloric acid. “Why does your dad have so much Hydrochloric acid?” Blue asked, “I dunno” said Chester, “Hey Charlie, you know why dad keeps so much of this stuff around?”, “Nope” answered Charlie.

“Okay here’s what where going to do” said Blue, “Charlie since you can drive I want you to go into town, and go to Tom’s, you know the convenience store on 12th?” Charlie nodded, “I want you to get as many water balloons as you can buy.” As soon as Blue was done speaking Charlie took off to the store. “Why are we gettin’ water balloons?” asked Chester, “Because were gonna fill ‘em up with that Hydrochloric acid over there and throw them at those cups” said Blue. “You think we’ll be able to do that all on our own?” “Yes, I do”.

When Charlie got back they started the tedious process of filling up water balloons with the HCI. They did this until they had around 200 water balloons full of the acid, and put them in a bucket in the back of Charlie’s truck. “We good to go?” said Charlie, “Yep” said Blue, and Charlie floored it.

They met up with the Styrofoam cups about 30 miles outside Los Alamos out in the desert. The cups were about 100 yards away when Blue and Chester climbed into the bed of the truck, and each got a water balloon ready. When they were close enough to throw Blue shouted “HEY!” and one of the cups turned around, Blue threw the water balloon, it was a direct hit to the face, but nothing happened. “NOTHING’S HAPPENING” shouted Blue over the roar of the trucks engine. “WHAT!” shouted Chester, “TRY IT AGAIN”. Blue threw another one, this time it hit by the top of the cup, “NOTHIN’” said Blue. All of a sudden a little bit of the hydrochloric acid hit the inside of the cup and the cup started to dissolve a little. “CHESTER YOU GOTTA THROW IT INSIDE THEM, IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO DISOLVE THEM” shouted Blue. Blue and Chester now launched their attack at full force. After hitting one the cup had dissolved completely.

The Cups, now fully aware of the boys’ intentions started to fight back. They ran towards the car that they were all in and Charlie hit the gas running into two of them. The hit from the cups sent the car spinning out of control and it slammed into a cactus tree. Blue and Chester were ejected from the bed of the truck but Charlie was stuck in the car still, unconscious from the impact. The Cups quickly closed in on him, and feasted on his body. “NOOO!” shouted Chester in a cry of agony. “Come on, we need to get the rest of the balloons and finish this once and for all” said Blue.

Blue and Chester quietly snuck around to the other side of Charlie’s truck and retrieved what was left of the water balloons. “Okay” whispered Blue, “we only have about 50 left, and we are gonna surprise attack them while they’re eating.” “Okay, let’s do it” said Chester.

They each got a balloon ready, and walked behind where all the cups were, “HEY!” shouted Blue, and again one of the cups turned around. Chester and Blue both threw one water balloon. It was a direct hit into the cup, and the cup disintegrated. Seeing something new to eat, the battalion of cups charged at them and the two boys unleashed a hailstorm of balloons that seemed to cover the sky. One by one each cup was hit and disintegrated into nothingness. Then only one was left, Chester said, “Lemme take this one Blue, this one’s for Charlie”. Chester threw the water balloon at the oncoming cup. It hit, HCI sprayed all over the inside of the cup, killing it.

With that the two boys exchanged looks and started walking towards the highway. When they reached it they walked along it for about three hours or so before they got picked up by a car. As they got in the driver whistled and said, “You boys look like you had some day”, “Yep”, said Blue in a quiet voice. “Where you boys headed to?”, “Los Alamos” said one of the boys, and the car drove off.